Ways to use the Queen's Platinum Jubilee in the Classroom

Age Range: 5 - 11

Use our Jubilee teaching ideas for inspiration in your own classroom, and don't forget to share ideas of your own in the comments for other teachers to use!

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Write a biography of Queen Elizabeth II.
  • Primary school children in the UK will receive a book as part of the Jubilee celebrations. Could you write a story about the Queen that could be shared with other children?
  • Read The Queen's Hat, The Queen's Handbag or The Queen's Knickers and try some of our related activity ideas in your class.
  • Write a report about an incident from the Queen’s life.
  • Explore the resources in our Royal Family Pack.

The Royal Family Pack

  • Write a poem to celebrate the Jubilee.
  • Write a letter to the Queen.
  • Create a newspaper front page from the day of the Queen’s coronation.
  • Write a newspaper report about your own Jubilee celebrations.
  • Watch the short film Jubilee and try one of our teaching ideas about it.
  • Watch this video showing Queen Elizabeth looking through cards and artwork from previous Jubilee celebrations. Think of questions that you could ask her.



Design Technology

  • Look at these examples of Jubilee Medals. Could you design and make your own?
  • The official site has a number of recipes. Could you make some of your own, or create a new recipe for a meal (or a special treat) to enjoy during the jubilee party?
  • Design a new logo that could be used as part of the official celebrations.
  • Enter this competition to design a Jubilee crown!
  • Design a plate or mug to be used at a Jubilee party.


The Jubilee Party Pack

  • Make a Jubilee crown by following these instructions:


  • Make playlists of songs from the last 70 years to play at your party.
  • Write a song to celebrate the Jubilee.



  • Make a timeline to show the main events of the last 70 years.
  • Investigate how your local area has changed in the last 70 years. Historic England has lots of examples of places in England.
  • Talk to older family members about how their lives have changed during the Queen’s reign.
  • Make a family tree that shows members of the Royal Family. Can you make your own family tree too?
  • Explore this collection of resources from the Royal Collection Trust, looking at the Queen’s life, her public role and what a jubilee is.
  • Create a time capsule.
  • Watch these highlights from the Queen’s coronation. What do you notice?

Physical education

  • Plan a set of games and team-building activities that families together can play at a jubilee party.

Religious education


  • The Queen has spent her life in service to the country and its people. Have a discussion about what other people do for you and what you can do for other people.


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